Who are Bristol Personal Trainer?

Henry is a highly knowledgeable & approachable trainer, offering personal training; exercise classes; and sports massage services through Bristol Personal Trainer.

Black and white portrait photograph of one half of Bristol Personal Trainer, Henry Roy
The bearded one

Henry started boxing in college and, as well as falling in love with the sport, found the training hugely benefited his quality of life. He soon qualified as a PT, sports masseuse and boxing coach. Subsequent dietary changes led to the alleviation of his own narcolepsy-like symptoms. Keen to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with others, he started what would become Bristol Personal Trainer. He has now transformed the health, strength, and confidence of many clients.

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Who do Bristol Personal Trainer train?

We specialise in big transformations.


We have the tools to get around the barriers newcomers face, and the knowledge to take them to really impressive feats; be it fat-loss, muscle gain, performance (or all three!). At this point clients often choose more sport-specific goals themselves. Emma is a great example of this; having started with zero training experience, she has since competed in a national level powerlifting competition, and won her very first Strongwoman competition.


We are passionate about Strength and Conditioning, but use whatever tool is most effective for that person at that time; from boxing, strongman, calisthenics, rehabilitation, athletics, bodybuilding, to mobility drills. We do work with quite a few boxers, powerlifters, and strongmen; but our predominant client base is regular people of all ages, genders, and ability, training for dramatic transformations.

Why Choose BPT?

In addition to the results we help our clients achieve, common areas of positive feedback from clients include our:

  1. Completely private training studio – No waiting for equipment, your choice of music on speakers, and complete privacy.
  2. COVID-secure hygiene – All kit used is wiped down with antivirus wipes on your behalf, your hands will be sanitised on entry & exit, and trainers will stay at a safe distance. You won’t be mixing with lots of strangers, like in public gyms; plus you can train in the outdoor space when the weather suits.
  3. Range of equipment – In addition to all the standard gym equipment (dumbbells, power-cage, cables, rowing machines etc.) we have lots of specialist strength and conditioning equipment, such as speciality barbells (Swiss, hex, safety, EZ and axel), clubbells, slam balls (12 to 100kg), yoke, variety of grip trainers and many more. We go heavier and lighter than most gyms, with hundreds of kilos of weight and the ability to go up in increments of 0.25 kg.
  4. Broad knowledge base – experience in sport massage, Strongman, powerlifting, and working with the disadvantaged alongside the NHS means we can help address any potential barriers holding you back from impressive results.
  5. Specialised training process – our tried & tested methodology is unique to us, and ever-evolving
  6. Down to earth and friendly personalities – we’re known for our good sense of humour, and getting you motivated in an encouraging way.

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