Bristol Personal Trainer Exercise Classes

Exercise classes are a fun and cost-effect way to spice up your training. We offer bespoke exercise classes to those wanting to train with their work colleagues or friends. Just get in touch to let us know what you like, then we will design a class and bring all the gear.


Or if you want to try something new and meet new people, we also run our flagship Strong’un Conditioning class on Saturday mornings in Netham Park.

Strong’un classes are now currently finished for winter months whilst it’s dark and rainy. We will start up again in spring.

Strong'un Conditioning

Every Saturday Morning 10:00-11:30 in Netham Park (North West corner)
Drop ins welcome

Our flagship class where we pull out all the stops. Held at Netham park just behind the Roy-Gym, we can get all our favourite conditioning equipment straight out of the gym. At 90 mins and with both Henry & Ollie instructing it, this class is in a league of its own.


Don’t be fooled by the intimidating name, strongman conditioning equipment is great for both women and men of all abilities. You will work your whole body using useful movement patterns that cross over into day-2-day strength. Plus with such a high work volume, you will train both aerobic and anaerobic endurance, increasing all round athleticism


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