Personal Training with Bristol Personal Trainer

Personal Training is how we help our clients address all the factors lying between them and their goals. Although no two people are trained in the exact same way, each Masterplan we tailor follows the same process.

The gym is a well-equipped garage gym that caters to many strength & fitness goals. Training such as tyre flips, log press, ball slams, and yoke carries can be done in the garden. There is a sheltered training area in the garden for doing most of these exercises in wet weather. There is also a studio at the end of the garden for machine work (e.g. leg press) and boxing sessions. Should you need it, there’s a client-only bathroom accessible from the garden.


Each session is 60 mins and you get the entire studio (both rooms, and outdoor area) to yourself.

No. of SessionsPrice (Per Session)Total
x 1£45£45
x 5£40£200
x 10£35£350
x 36 (12 Week Transformation)£30.55£1100

Ultimate Transformation Package

12 Week Transformation – £1100


If you are wanting maximum results in minimum time, and are willing to commit to what it takes, then this package offers the best value for money.


Covers every aspect of your Masterplan, exercise programs, diet strategies, along with a week of preparation sessions and 3 x 1:1 personal training sessions for 12 weeks.

Got something else in mind? Just get in touch and we can work something out