Why Bristol?

We love the city, and Bristolians live up to their friendly and interesting reputation, which is a real bonus when you spend so much time 1:1!

Education and Experiences

In addition to the standard level 3 personal trainer qualifications and registration with the UK’s register of exercise professionals (REPS), we take continued education seriously and are constantly learning more about areas most relevant for out clients. Henry has travelled to Spain to study under Charles Poliquin, perhaps the world’s most successful strength coach, having trained over 800 Olympic athletes. He’s also a big fan of Christian Thibaudeau, and is starting to implement his groundbreaking neurotyping approach to training.


After noticing that strongman training has been a big hit with many clients due to its high calorie burning and real-world strength building effects, we have been to multiple seminars with the like Laurence Shahlaei (Europe’s strongest man), Eddie Hall (current world’s strongest man) and Big Z (arguably the most successful strongman to ever live).


Another example would be when we realised that many personal trainers and clients spend a lot of time learning about squat and deadlift mechanics, but relatively little time learning about how to run; so we did a barefoot running course.


On top of seminars we are constantly reading books, articles, and research papers, for a wide array of topics beyond just exercise; including nutrition, psychology, rehabilitation etc., as well as online training platforms for coaches such as Dojo of Strength’s members-only area.


Other qualifications of note include: Sports Massage Therapist, Rocktape Mobility course; ABA Boxing Coaching; GP Referral; Kettlebells; Sports Conditioning and Exercise Classes.