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Coach Henry shows he doesn't only train other people, taking a 2nd place podium at North somerset's strongest man

Events included:

Sandbag carry + Drag (100+120kg)

Tyre Flip race (300kg)

Rising weight log press (starting @100kg)

Yoke Squat (230kg)

Van Hold (1.7tonne)

Atlas Stones Race (100-160kg)

success in 2 categories @ bristol's strongest 2023

BSN23 jack tom tropies.jpeg
Great Job to Jack & Tom getting on their group's podium at Bristol's strongest 2023.
Starting the year strong!

Britains natural strongest woman bnsf2022

emma BNSF britains henry trophy.jfif
massive congratulations to emma for taking 2nd place at bsnf2022

Superhuman Games 2022

sina pull superhumans.jpeg
great work everyone who tried out superhuman games though the pouring rain

two more strong'un days in 2022

Complete with sickening conditioning circuit races, plenty of personal bests on big lifts, and all sorts of weird and wonderful lifts including pulling a landrover.

(and obviously the customary BBQ to finish)

bristol's strongest novice 2022

tom podium bristol's strongest 2022.jpeg
bsn2022 finlay deadlift.jpeg
Tom and Finlay smashed it, with tom even taking first place at his first strongman comp

Summer Strong'un 2021

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