Personal Training with Bristol Personal Trainer

Personal Training is how we help our clients address all the factors lying between them and their goals. Although no two people are trained in the exact same way, each Masterplan we tailor follows the same process.

  • Step 1


    We put the kettle on, chat through your situation and goals, assess your current ability and take our first agreed measurements.

  • Step 2


    We bring you up to speed on how your new Masterplan works, the exercise programs and diet strategies we recommend and what is required for you to hit your goals.

  • Step 3

    Time for Action

    We are on hand to help you get over any initial barriers you may face starting your diet and exercise programs.

  • Step 4

    Work, Track, Repeat

    We continuously track your performance (weight, reps, volume) during every set of every workout, and take body measurements at relevant times.

  • Step 5

    Achieve your Goals

    After you complete your masterplan and smash your goals, we provide a final report of your transformation to take home. Or you can set an even more ambitious goal and start the whole process again!


Each session is 60 mins and you get the entire studio (both rooms) to yourself.

No. of Session1:11:21:3
x 1£45£54 (£27)£60 (£20)
x 5£40£50 (£25)£54 (£18)
x 10£35£46 (£23)£48 (£17)

MoveGB is accepted. Passes can be used to contribute to session price.

Additional discounts are available if you are:

  • Training multiple times per week
  • Willing to showoff transformation photos on website

Just get in touch to discuss these options

Ultimate Transformation Package

12 Week Transformation – £1100


If you are wanting maximum results in minimum time, and are willing to commit to what it takes, then this package offers the best value for money.


Covers every aspect of your Masterplan, exercise programs, diet strategies, along with a week of preparation sessions and 3 x 1:1 personal training sessions for 12 weeks.

Got something else in mind? Just get in touch and we can work something out