Photo of Bristol Personal Trainer logo with the two Personal Trainers, (Henry and Ollie Roy) either side of the logo. Along with the caption "Reach your goals with the Roy Brothers!"

Your friendly local personal trainer service in Bristol

Bristol Personal Trainer has helped many people exceed their goals...

Oli Corse's incredible transformation achieved while training with Bristol Personal Trainer.

“Bristol Personal Trainer changed my life! They helped me shed over 20 kg, get down to 8% body fat and be featured on the front cover of a fitness magazine!” – Oli Corse*


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Photograph of Emma before and after her incredible transformation achieved with Bristol Personal Trainer

“I used to be exhausted and ill; now I feel amazing. I couldn’t do any chin ups before, now I can do them with 20kg attached. I have also competed in national powerlifting competitions and won my first Strongwoman event!” – Emma Shepherd*

Before and after photographs of David Bailey after training with bristol personal trainer in preparation for his professional boxing debut

“Their nutrition plan was all the difference. I was 81kg for my pro debut (boxing – unanimous victory) thanks to their expert knowledge and advice.” – Dave Bailey*

Before and after photos of Callum's 10 week transformation after training with Bristol Personal Trainer Before and after photos of Callum's 10 week transformation after training with Bristol Personal Trainer

A self described “hard gainer“, after years of training with minimal gains, Callum managed to pack on over 4.5 kg of lean muscle mass in just 10 weeks of training with Bristol Personal Trainer.*


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*Results may vary from person to person

Bristol Personal Trainer in a Nutshell

Born and raised in Bristol, the Roy Brothers have teamed up to provide a superior personal training service.


Based out of their private training studio  in Redfield, and having refined their Masterplan Program training a broad range of clients, Ollie and Henry are immensely proud of the incredible results their clients have achieved so far.


They also run their one-of-a-kind Strong’un conditioning classes to spread the word on how great gym and strongman equipment is for everyone (not just strongmen!).