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Private studio

Training takes place in our private 1 to 1 studio, so there's no waiting around for other gym members to finish with equipment, and you can choose whatever workout tunes you want in the background.

Whether you're a complete beginner hoping to learn the basics without too many other people around, or a seasoned athlete looking for an efficient environment and specialist equipment to push you to the next level, it has everything needed for amazing results.

There are 2 gym rooms and an outdoors area, set up for exceptional training even when life makes it hard. In addition to all the important basics like bars, kettlebells & dumbbells, cables, bands and racks, there's a vast toolbox to either regress to make something more approachable, or progress to something more hardcore.

Joints feel a bit tweaky? We'll switch bench press for a Swiss bar and back squats for a safety squat bar. There's wraps, straps, tape and sleeves on hand to keep you going; and a selection rollers, balls, massage gun, massage table and more to loosen you off

while we work on exercises to fix the underlying issues.

Ready to push yourself? If you're feeling good at chin-ups try the pegboard, fingerboard, or grenade handles. Enjoy pressing? Try a log, axle bar, or Viking Press. Getting good at deadlift? Can you swing a 64kg kettlebell, shoulder a 100kg deadball, or flip a 300kg tyre?

The place may look a bit rough and ready, but it gets results.

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Private Training studio

Coach Henry

Coach Henry has trained clients who've never-tried-it-before, and got them competing on a national stage, in multiple different sports. He's guided people who've been extremely obese, to achieving bodyfat levels comparable to Olympic

level sprinters.

With over a decade of personal training experience, studying, and physically doing it himself; he's worked with clients of various ages, backgrounds, experience, sex, size, and goals.

He has the tools to tailor a programme specifically to each individual's needs and goals.

As a qualified sport massage therapist, Henry is also very skilled at ensuring his clients make progress even as life throws setbacks at you; rehabbing old niggles, and adapting around issues that may come up.

He has a down-to-earth approach to training, drawing from his vast experience to get results for training, nutrition, motivation and pre-hab. He aims to create an environment where although working hard, you feel confident enough with exercise to make it part of your lifestyle permanently. 

Henry's own athletic achievements in boxing, Strongman, & powerlifting informs how he coaches a wide variety of clients

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are 1 hour, in the studio. 

You'll be lead through a session tailored to your own personal goals, life stresses, training experience, previous injuries, morphology, strengths, weaknesses, and personality. This will be part of a larger training plan to get you to your targets (which you'll be able to access online, in case for example you go on holiday and train there).

In the very first session we will chat through your goals, & may want to take metrics such a bodyweight or girth measurements, and then go through a number of exercises so the trainer can assess how you move.

Subsequent sessions, with training in full swing, are a good opportunity to be checked in on and held accountable to your own goal setting. For example, nutrition targets between sessions, or daily stretches for pre-hab.

If you would like to learn more about techniques, methods, and why certain things are in your programme to feel more comfortable in training environments, you will often have plenty of opportunity to ask during rest periods, warm ups, etc.



1 one hour session - £55

Block of 5 sessions - £250

£50 per hour

Block of 10 sessions - £450

£45 per hour


1 one hour session - £55

Block of 5 sessions - £250

£50 per hour

Block of 10 sessions - £450

£45 per hour

12 week

12 Week Transformation - £1,440


3 sessions per week, £40 per hour

Can be paid in 3 installments of £480

Tailored programming, nutrition advice, & the ultimate accountability

to transform your physique


£125 a month

Tailored online programming via

an app. Upload videos & commentary of your progress,

& receive feedback weekly.

We'll also have a check-in video call

occasionally to assess how you're

doing, & work towards new goals.

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